Raj SSO ID: [sso.rajasthan.gov.in] SSO Rajasthan Portal?

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Rajasthan SSO – Government of Rajasthan: A lot of work has been done online by the Rajasthan government, so if you also want to fill any form online or do any work online, then you must have SSO ID to do so. To take advantage of online services, you have to register online, only after online registration, you will be given SSO ID.

In today’s article, we are going to give you information about   SSOID Rajasthan, what work can be done with sssm id?, rajsso ID creation along with SSO ID loginBy reading this same article you will be able to get complete information aboutsso id Rajasthan as well as you  will also be able to get yourrajsso ID .


इस आर्टिकल को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें 

SSOID RAJASTHAN / rajsso / Rajasthan Single Sign In (SSO) ID

  • Rajasthan Single Sign In (rajsso ID Rajasthan) is being known by whose name only. sso single sign in means login at one place and do a lot of work.
  • The sso portal has been created by the Rajasthan government with the aim of providing many online services to the citizens from a single window, under which citizens can apply online. sso also works under citizen service .
  • Due to sso id , the people of Rajasthan can do many things, some of which are as follows.

What The SSOID ?

  • SSO PORTAL is a portal through which various types of online work and government websites can be accessed with the same user ID (rajsso ID) and password (rajsso ID password ) and multiple online applications can be made.
  • Talking in simple words, by login Rajasthan rajsso ID , you can apply in many colleges, universities and private institutions.
  • People of Rajasthan can apply online for almost government jobs by  login  their rajsso ID on the same portal Click Here and can also enjoy many online services.
  • Thanks to sso id , people of Rajasthan can also make their Jan Aadhar card and can also download it. And also a lot of work SSO ID (sso id) can be helped.

SSO ID / Rajsso Rajasthan Highlights 2022 

🔥 Scheme Name 🔥 Rajasthan Single Sign In ( SSO ID Rajasthan )
🔥 started 🔥 by Rajasthan government
🔥 Objective 🔥 Online access to all citizen services to citizens
🔥 Beneficiary 🔥 All citizens of Rajasthan
🔥 Benefits 🔥 Online application can be done for all types of citizen service as well as online application can be done to get job in Rajasthan .
🔥 Status 🔥 on
🔥 Official website 🔥 https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/signin CLICK HERE

Facilities Provided To Common Citizens Through SSO Id. Sssm Id Service List

The people of Rajasthan who have their sso id can login to sso id and do many things which are as follows. 
  1. ➡ SSO ID For Arms Licence (application for an arms license)
  2. ➡ Artisan Reg (Artisan Registration)
  3. ➡ Attendance MIS
  4. ➡ Bank correspondence
  5. ➡ Bhamashah Card
  6. ➡ BPAS (UDH)
  7. ➡ BRSY
  8. ➡ BSBY
  9. ➡ Business Registration
  10. ➡ Challenge For Change
  11. ➡ CHMS
  12. ➡ DCEAPP
  13. ➡ Digital Visitor Register
  14. ➡ DMRD
  15. ➡ Drug Control
  16. ➡ Drug Control Organisation(DCO)
  17. ➡ EBazaar
  18. ➡ e-Devasthan
  19. ➡ EHR
  20. ➡ EID
  21. ➡ E-learning
  22. ➡ Employment
  23. ➡ e-sakhi (e-sakhi)
  24. ➡ forest and wildlife
  25. ➡ GEMS
  27. ➡ GST home portal
  28. ➡ HSMS
  29. ➡ TAD
  30. ➡ HTE
  31. ➡ IFMS-RajSSP
  32. ➡ IHMS
  33. ➡ I start
  34. ➡ ITI
  35. ➡ APP
  36. ➡ E-MITRA (eMitra)
  37. ➡ E-Mitra Report
  38. ➡ JOB (Job)
  39. ➡ JOB FAIR (Job Fair)
  40. ➡ LDMS
  41. ➡ LSG (change of land use) LSG (change of land use)

Note: – There are many other things which can be done by having sso id due to sso portal Rajasthan.

Rajasthan single sign on | SSO ID Rajasthan registration process | emitra ID registration process

Friends, by the way, we have given you information about the eligibility and criteria for E Mitra , if you fulfill all these eligibility and criteria then you can register to create your SSO ID E Mitra ID . Let us know what is the emitra registration process?

SSO ID Registration Process Step By Step

  • First of all you have to go to the official website of E-Mitra Rajasthan SSO Rajasthan .
  • On visiting the website, the home page will open in front of you, on the home page you will get to see the option of login and registration . As you can see here. 👇👇

SSO ID Rajasthan Raj SSO , SSO ID Login , rajsso , emitra , rajsso

  • If you already have SSO ID Username then you can login it using login option otherwise you have to click on Registration option to create new ID .
  • ➡ Registration ↗ click on what option will come to open a new page in front of you, where you have a lot of ways Raj SSO / E Mitra ID can apply to make, choices are as follows: –
  • ⏩ Citizen
  • Dy Udyog
  • ⏩ Government Employee

SSO ID Citizen Registration Process /Emitra Citizen Id Registration Process

  • To do Citizen Registration, you have to select the option of Citizen, as soon as you click on the option of Citizen, some options will come in front of you under Citizen Registration. As you can see below

SSO ID Citizen Registration

  • Jan Aadhar
  • Bhamashah
  • ⏩ ⏩ Facebook
  • ⏩ ⏩ Google Account
  •  You can do your eMitra Citizen Registration using whatever option you have available here.
  • For example, suppose you have Janaadhaar , then you have to click on the option of Jan Aadhar here . 
  •  On clicking on the option of Jan Aadhar , a new page will open in front of you, where you will have to enter your Janadhar ID or Enrollment ID and click on the Next button. As you can see below. 👇👇

  • Now a new page will open in front of you, where you will have to enter all your information.
  • After entering all the information you have to click on the submit button and your registration will be successful.
  • As soon as the registration is successful, you will get SSO ID, E Mitra ID , due to which you will be able to login your emitra and use the services.

SSO ID Udyog Registration Process /Emitra Udyog Id Registration Process

  • Here you have to select Udyog , as soon as you select the industry, you will see the option of two options Udyog Aadhar, BRN , as can be seen below. 👇👇

emitra udyog id


  • Now you can register your Emitra Raj SSO using whatever you have available with these two options .
  •  For example, to register through Emitra Raj SSO Udyog Aadhar , you have to select the Udyog Aadhar option, on clicking on the Udyog Aadhar option, a new page will open in front of you. As you can see below. 👇👇

SSO ID Udyog Registration Process


  • Here you have to enter your Udyog Aadhar Number and Mobile Number and click on Next button.
  • Now a new page will open in front of you, where you will have to enter all your information.
  • After entering all the information you have to click on the submit button and your registration will be successful.
  • As soon as the registration is successful, you will get Raj SSO, E Mitra ID , due to which you will be able to login your emitra and use the services.

SSO ID Govt.Employee Registration Process // Raj SSO Govt. Employee Registration Process

  •  Here you have to select the option with Govt.Employee , as soon as you click on Govt.Employee , some options will come in front of you like SIPF , as you can see below. 👇👇

  • ➡ Emitra GovtkEmployee Registration to SIPF must choose the option that, as soon as you click on the SIPF is coming to open a new window in front of you, you can see the bottom right. 👇👇

  •  Here you have to enter your SIPF Number and SIPF Password and click on Next button.
  • Now a new page will open in front of you, where you will have to enter all your information.
  • After entering all the information you have to click on the submit button and your registration will be successful.
  • As soon as the registration is successful, you will get Raj SSO, E Mitra ID , due to which you will be able to login your Emitra and use the services.

Here we are giving you the PDF below in which the Raj SSO registration process has been explained in full detail. 👇👇

Raj SSO SSO ID Registration Process Pdf 

Note: – The process of SSO ID registration is quite simple, if you follow the above mentioned PDF carefully, then SSO ID will be generated in some time as soon as you upload your document . By using the SSO portal, you will be able to enjoy all the facilities available under SSO Rajasthan .


Rajasthan Raj SSO ID helpdesk / Rajasthan Single Login (One Login for All Applications) Help Desk.
If you are facing any problem in Rajasthan SSO ID registration or SSO ID USE  / rajsso then you can use SSO helpline number . SSO Rajasthan helpline number
0141 5153 222 , 0141 512 3717 SSO Rajasthan help desk email

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Rajasthan SSO ID Registration

FAQ Raj SSO SSO ID Rajasthan | Emitra Raj SSO ID Portal 


SSO ID, Single Sign-on / rajsso is provided by the Government of Rajasthan to the citizens of Rajasthan. Due to which people of Rajasthan can take advantage of many online government services by login ssoid , apply for government job, and there are many other things which can be done by ssoid .


The ssoid number is a credential that is given to government staff or students or citizens of Rajasthan. Due to which people can avail many services by login sso portal.


To change SSO Password , you must first go to ssoid  ‘s official website sso.rajasthan.gov.in , at the bottom of the website you will see an option.I have to click on the option of forgot my password click here , click here.After clicking, you will be able to forget your password either through mobile number or email ID, otherwise through Aadhaar Virtual ID.


To DELETE SSOID, first you have to login ssoid . After login sssm id , you have to click on the sign-on option under account settings in the menu bar. After clicking on the option, you will have to click the delete SAML CONFIGURATION button. A new option will open in front of you where you have to click the OK button. Click OK only your Ssoid  Delete will.

✔ Benefits of eMitra Services?

As many services as Eemitra works under Citizen Services, due to which the benefits of many services are provided to the common people. Such as making any online application, any certificate etc you can apply from sssm id

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